Trip 5 | Merging Paths with Jacob Oster of Locals Project


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Jacob Oster is an athlete, businessman, content producer and co-founder of After dedicating a majority of his life to baseball, with the overarching dream of making it to the big leagues, he began to pursue a new dream due to the conversations with a family friend while skiing on the mountain. In an effort to wage his bets he went full force into an opportunity pursuing a creative intern position with one of the most iconic media companies in the outdoor space, Camp4 Collective. In learning the intricacies of the intersection between technology, the outdoors, and the people that call these wild places home, Jacob continues to pursue telling authentic stories through various digital mediums in an effort to affect positive change.

Topics of this chat include:

  • The 10,000 hour rule to mastery
  • Changing life paths
  • Networking on the next level
  • Acting as a mentor to others on a similar path
  • What a real hustle looks like
  • Blind optimism vs. analyzing the way forward
  • Logic vs. emotion
  • The shift in content consumption
  • Success’ true definition
  • Your true self outside of labels
  • You want a new life. Now what?
  • Diversifying your passions
  • When to stop at, or jump over, a roadblock
  • Target fixation
  • Embracing success when it comes
  • Surf Cuba

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