Matthew Thompson, "Reconstructing Public Housing: Liverpool's Hidden History of Collective Alternatives" (Liverpool UP, 2020)


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How can we develop solutions to the housing crisis? In Reconstructing Public Housing: Liverpool's Hidden History of Collective Alternatives (Liverpool UP, 2020), Matthew Thompson, a Leverhulme Early Career Fellow at Heseltine Institute for Public Policy, Practice and Place, University of Liverpool, offers a history of collective alternatives to state and market driven housing in Liverpool, drawing out the practical and theoretical lessons from the rich history of the city. The book uses detailed case studies of key developments, from the original experiments in resistance to ‘slum’ clearances to recent examples from the now famous Homebaked in Anfield and the Granby Community Land Trust, which is home to a Turner Prize winning project. The book is open access and will be essential reading across arts, humanities, and social sciences, as well as for readers interested in housing, the history of Liverpool, and lessons on how to think beyond states and markets to address social issues.

Dave O'Brien is Chancellor's Fellow, Cultural and Creative Industries, at the University of Edinburgh's College of Art.

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