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Even though it may seem like the end of things, Meade reminds us there are always beginnings embedded in the endings. He takes us on a mythological journey that tips the world towards renewal and says, “Why not find our own thread even in the midst of uncertainty and pain and learn how to weave and create?” Michael Meade is a renowned storyteller, author, scholar of mythology, and student of ritual in traditional cultures. He has scoured the world to bring to us meaningful folk tales that tap into ancestral sources of wisdom and acts as a guide to connect them to the stories we are living today. Meade is the founder of Mosaic Multicultural Foundation. He distributes regular podcasts and his many books include: The Genius Myth (GreenfirePress 2016), Why the World Doesn’t End: Tales of Renewal in Times of Loss (GreenfirePress 2012), Fate and Destiny: The Two Agreements of the Soul (GreenFire Press 2012) and Awakening the Soul: A Deep Response to a Troubled World (GreenFire Press 2018)

Interview Date: 8/13/2012 Tags: Michael Meade, renewal, recreation, destruction, apocalypse, cosmic cycle, myth, old woman in the cave, creation, lived time, evolution, devolution, wisdom, thread of eternity, elders, Book of Revelation, revelation of tragedy, innovation, nature, recreation stories, initiation, genius, confidence, courage, games, on-line games, virtual worlds, Jane McGonigal, elder bloom, Mythology, Global Culture, Philosophy, Social Change/Politics, Death & Dying

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