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The New Leaf Podcast was created by Host Laetitia for new and working mums everywhere. Over the course of each series, she interviews women from a variety of industries, to share their journeys of what happened to their professional and personal identities when they had their babies and headed back to work, exploring the good, the bad .... and the ugly, with humour and vulnerability. The motherhood space can be.. a scary one. But, it doesn’t have to be. By interviewing women in all spaces and lines of work and sharing the vast array of different experiences, Laetitia shows us that there is no one ‘right way’, and that - well - we’re all winging it really... New Leaf's mission is to revolutionise the way we look at pregnancy, birth and motherhood - taking the judgment, pressure and expectations out, and put the confidence back in, so that one day we can all say that it’s my motherhood, my choice - however you decide to do it! You can find Laetitia on twitter and instagram at @newleafpodcast if you want to continue the conversation, with the hashtag, #mymotherhoodmychoice New episodes every fortnight. Subscribe here at to get New Leaf News, straight to you inbox each month. Debunking and breaking down motherhood's most controversial topics, from feeding, to sleeping, and everything in between - doing all of the Googling... so you don't have to. Before we begin, I’ve also got something extra special for you. Click the episode details to subscribe to NewLeafNews, my exclusive monthly writeup straight to your phone to break down some of the most controversial motherhood topics. NewLeafNews gives you impartial and well-researched advice on the key issues - from birth, to feeding to sleeping and everything in between. Doing all the googling, so you don’t have to. Right! Let’s get on with my intro to our next lovely guest.

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