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#019: In this episode, I’m speaking with Vincent Fischer from Modell Aachen GmbH about is the next tool I am exploring on my journey to find a human-centric BPM tool. – And has some very interesting features we are going to talk about in the episode. One of them is the Viking which I really like!
Today's Guest
Vincent Fischer
Vincent joint Modell Aachen GmbH in 2018 to advise clients on processes with a focus on management systems in the role of a process management consultant. Over the years, he transitioned into his current role as head of consulting and COO of Modell Aachen GmbH.
Modell Aachen GmbH was founded in 2009 from Frauenhofer ITP which is the largest institute for production engineering in Europe. They describe themselves as obsessed with human-centric process management that creates impact. Interactivity between process participants and process descriptions are at the core of their software.
With an annual growth rate of over 30%, more than 800 organizations in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland are using Q Wiki.
As I learned in the interview, Vincent was born and raised in the city of Heidelberg and he told me that it’s almost impossible to avoid playing rugby when growing up in Heidelberg. But after numerous international appearances for the German national team, he concentrated on his studies in the field of industrial engineering.
You'll learn

  • What the underlying philosophy of is
  • How to model processes in
  • How employees retrieve their processes in
  • How inspires people for processes
  • What developments of the BPM tool market Vincent sees
  • What has on its development roadmap
  • What costs and how you can test it

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