What life of a real Process Architect looks like with Christoph Bünker from Lufthansa Technik Logistik Services


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#018: In this episode, I'm speaking with Christoph Bünker from Lufthansa Technik Logistik Services. Christoph is not only a Process Architect himself, he actually leads an entire team of eight Process Architects.
Christoph has a long-lasting experience in this area and he is probably the most experienced Process Architect I know of.
When I am talking about the role of a Process Architect, I am talking about the role supporting the Process Owner to design, improve, implement, and steer a process. So if the Process Owner is accountable for all these activities, the Process Architect takes over the responsibility for the execution. You may call this role also Process manager in some organizations, but in the New Process Role Concept it’s the Process Architect.
The episode is so full of exciting insights and you will learn more about what the life of a real Process Architect looks like!
Today's Guest
Christoph Bünker
hristoph is Head of the Global Process Management Competence Center Warehouse at Lufthansa Technik Logistik Services in Hamburg since 2016.
Lufthansa Technik Logistik Services is a member of the Lufthansa Group providing logistic solutions for the maintenance, repair and overhaul business.
Before becoming the Head of the Competence Center, Christoph has worked as a Process Architect for Warehousing and Shipping since 2014.
Before joining Lufthansa Group, Christoph studied Information Systems at Technical University of Darmstadt and worked for Otto Group as a Project Manager for Process and System Development in Hamburg.
You'll learn

  • What the typical tasks of a Process Architect are
  • How Christoph and his team are executing a process life cycle to improve their processes
  • How they prioritise the topics to work on
  • How they communicate process changes
  • How they train the people working in their processes
  • How they cooperate with their counterparts at the different locations as well as with IT
  • Why and how they apply process mining
  • What the qualification requirements of a Process Architect are
  • What Christoph's 3 top tips for new Process Architects are

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