135: Stephanie Lambring


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On Episode 135, I'm joined by singer-songwriter Stephanie Lambring. She released the excellent and intimate album Autonomy a few weeks back (October 23) to critical acclaim. Revolving around bold and direct storytelling, Lambring has crafted some of the most personable personal songs of the year. Much of the Autonomy's beauty comes in how comfortable (comfortable is such a strange way to describe this, but strangely apt) Lambring is with addressing insecurities and vulnerable flashpoints of the past and present. Throughout, she tackles a host of old ghosts and weighty subjects--everything from hypocritical Christians and double standards to suicide and domestic violence--with an attentive grace and nuanced empathy. Songs aren't brass, rushed, or carelessness--both in how Lambring cradles the subject and in her sharp, keen delivery. Her velvety vocals and the indie-rock fuzz meets country pop-punk flair create the perfect dreamy soundscape for the vivid snapshot memories and the introspective aftermath.
During this interview, we talk about Lambring's creative process, releasing Autonomy a decade after her debut album, processing trauma, the complex cathartic nature of songwriting, writing with the likes of Andrew Combs, Lori McKenna, and Caroline Spence, early success, and how & why she was able to make the album she wanted with Autonomy.
This episode's presenting partner is Desert Door Texas Sotol. In addition, this episode is sponsored by WYLD Gallery, The Blue Light Live, and Hot Damn Coffee.
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