Ladies Learn What to Look for in Blood Work: Bikini & Barbell Show Episode 11


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Welcome back ladies to the bikini & barbell show brought to you by the New York muscle radio network ep 11 on todays episode we are not only going to talk about fitness but we are going to go over blood work and how important it is. Now I know the thought of needles is scary but the benefits are truly worth it all and today we get to find out why, im your host laura bev and with me today I have my brother ant bev and pete k. whatsup guys?

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“and one day she discovered that she was fierce, and strong, and full of fire, and that not even she could hold herself back bc her passion burned brighter than her fears”-Mark Anthony

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Alright ladies were going to take a quick beauty break & we’ll be right back!

Podcast topic:

Ok guys we are back! Today we are going to dive into what us women should look for when it comes to blood work. We have on with us today the New york muscle Radio Network Dr. Austin Marshall, Hi Austin welcome to the bikini and barbell show!

Laura: Austin since this is the first time I am meeting you tell us alittle bit about yourself?

Anthony: 2. We know women are different then men so when it comes to hormones what should women look for in there blood work that will help them build more muscle and burn more fat and how is this different from men

Anthony 3. We know that testosterone is key to building muscle in men, does it play a similar role in building muscle for women?

Laura: 4 How does a womens iron levels effect there results? and what role does mensuration have in effecting there body composition..

lAURA: 5. From doctors point of view why do most women have a hard time getting lean compared to men.

Period to food emotional

Laura: 6. Testosterone always gets all the credit when it comes to strength and muscle size but there are plenty of women who are seriously strong lifting more then even most men. Does that mean that testosterone plays less of a role in overall strength than we think?

Laura: 7. What are some general things women should look for in bloodwork?

Lauras closing tip of the day:

Alright ladies that is all for todays episode I hope you enjoyed learning and took in all the information we gave you! I hope by listening to this podcast you ladies learn self confidence and take fitness and training to a whole other level! Remember we are strong independent woman and can achieve anything we put our minds too!

This is laura Anthony and pete with the bikini and barbell show and always remember:

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