Episode 20: Writing in the Footsteps of History - Peter Thabit Jones


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Peter Thabit Jones is a poet from Swansea in South Wales. He is the author of sixteen books and his poems have been translated into over twenty-two languages. He is the recipient of a number of awards, including the Arts Council of Wales Award, the Homer European Medal for Poetry and Art, and the Shabdaguchha Journal Poet of the Year Award for his contribution to international poetry. He has performed and given writing workshops at festivals such as the Swansea Festival of Music and the Arts, the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and throughout America, including the Massachusetts Poetry Festival and the Conference of World Affairs in Colorado. He is also the founder and editor of The Seventh Quarry, a poetry magazine published in Swansea with an international perspective.
On this episode, Gideon and Richard speak to Peter about the life of a working poet, his time spent traveling America, and how he came to be commissioned, alongside Aeronwy Thomas the poet and daughter of Dylan Thomas, to write the Dylan Thomas Walking Tour of Greenwich Village, on which Peter kindly led us in episode 18.
Peter's new book America, Aeronwy and Me: Dylan Thomas Tribute Tour is available now.

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