The Future of Liberal Democracies


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The Rt Hon Tony Blair, Executive Chairman of the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change, and The Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt MP discuss Britain’s role in the world post-Brexit. The Future of Liberal Democracies series has been developed by Chatham House in co-operation with The Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt MP, who made preservation of a rules-based system one of the hallmarks of his tenure leading the Foreign & Commonwealth Office. The series draws on the participation of UK foreign policy experts, alongside counterparts from liberal democratic countries around the world. At this event, former British prime minister The Rt Hon Tony Blair gives his view on how the UK forms new alliances, how it works with other nations to achieve its aims and the broader role it should play as part of the wider network of liberal democracies. Since 1920, Chatham House has made preservation of a rules-based system a pillar of our institutional mission and this series comprises conversations with high level officials through 2021 to explore questions that are fundamental to the democratic alliance. Can liberal democracies re-unite after the tumult of the COVID-19 pandemic and the transatlantic and transpacific divisions of the past four years? Can they forge a shared agenda for the future, and can they give meaning to their status as a... === Original video: Downloaded by on Mon Jan 18 17:46:16 2021 Available for 30 days after download

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