The Real Reason Behind China’s Desperate New Hong Kong Law


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Last Sunday, more than ten thousand people took to the streets in Hong Kong after Beijing proposed at the annual meeting of its rubber stamp legislature a new national security law custom made for the special administrative region. This is a move at once both carefully calculated and taken in a desperate spirit reminiscent of Russian roulette. If this law is passed, it is the end of the “one country, two systems” promised by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Beijing will set up a national security office in Hong Kong. People can then be arbitrarily arrested and taken to the mainland to be prosecuted in a system with no rule of law. Or, people can be arrested and handled in Hong Kong after the Hong Kong legal system is subverted and turned into a replica of the mainland’s. Hong Kongers suspect military police have already been sent to Hong Kong. Beijing is taking this action after the mayhem unleashed by the pandemic. More than 122 countries want an investigation into how the CCP virus outbreak happened in China. Why take such a step, knowing it will bring more international condemnation down upon the CCP? CCP has actually weighed the political and financial risks carefully. In the end, political safety appears more urgent and critical to the party. Original article: https:... === Original video: Downloaded by on Thu May 28 05:40:46 2020 Available for 30 days after download

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