Chhota Hafta — Episode 242


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NL Hafta has gone behind the paywall, but we love our listeners. So here's a little sneak peek into the complete episode. Journalist Maya Mirchandani, senior fellow at ORF and an assistant professor at Ashoka University joined Manisha Pande, Raman Kirpal and Meghnad in this week’s episode of Newslaundry Hafta. Maya, who recently visited Kashmir talks about the ostensible state of normalcy in the Valley. She describes how mainstream media’s unchecked discourse of the so-called normalcy in Kashmir has caused a crisis of real reportage from the Valley. The panel discusses the government’s recent ban on e-cigarettes and how it is being executed. They also talk about Modi’s birthday and the unprecedented importance it was given by some TV news channels. For more, listen up to the complete episode here:

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