Hafta 239: #RBIReserves, #Kashmir, #ArunJaitley and more


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In this week’s episode, host Abhinandan Sekhri is joined by Newslaundry’s Editor-in-Chief Madhu Trehan, Nwslaundry’s Managing Editor Raman Kirpal, Author & Journalist Puja Mehra, and France 24 Correspondent Surabhi Tandon. The podcast kicks off with Puja Mehra, author of The Lost Decade, explaining the relevance of surplus funds with the Reserve Bank of India and how the way these funds will be used by the government could decide the country's economic future. When Madhu wonders if people who didn't care much about business earlier will reform now, Puja says, "I think they'll come up with new ways to do exactly what they did earlier." She adds, "The key policy challenge right now is that policies are not thought through. Decisions are taken but not followed up with what needs to be done to make implementation painless." The panel also notes the kind of changes in statistical calculations the administration is trying to make and how it'll all lead to a crisis. Talking about the humanitarian crisis' cases in Kashmir, Surabhi says, "It's also a lack of respect for ordinary life and for human beings. I think the Indian state and the machinery repetitively demonstrates a complete disregard for the dignity of ordinary human beings" before the panel wonders why both the Supreme Court and the Press Council seem to be in support of the government. Abhinandan then questions the need of journalists gloating over their closeness with Arun Jaitley. Madhu feels that maintaining a certain kind of distance is important in personal/professional relationships before most of the panel goes on to share anecdotes involving politicians' attempts to get close to journalists. Everyone in the panel then expresses opinions about Modi's demeanor whenever he goes abroad. Raman says, "Over the years, I think he has really groomed himself up very well to the camera. Every time he speaks out a word, I feel like doing a fact-check" to which Abhinandan adds, "The contrast in his body language when he's dealing with his own people and when he's dealing with people who aren't his people is so off-putting." The panel also discussed the significance of renaming Feroze Shah Kotla stadium and the United States backing out from the Indo-Pak dispute amongst other things. For this and more, listen up!

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