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MH17 Tragedy — Israel Gaza War — Guantanamo Prison — BRICS Summit — Columbia: Peace Process, Politics, Image Problems

This is the first time Newz of the World is inviting a correspondent to the show to get a better look at things. We are welcoming Daniel González from Bogota to join us for the first time to talk about all things Columbia and other South American aspects. In addition to this focus, we are touching the tragic end of Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 and the developing story of the war between Israel and the Gaza strip. Unfortunately, our connection with Daniel was quite flaky so that the show might lack a certain flow as we had to deal with dropouts and breaks, but the managed to produce a proper result that leaves out most of the interruptions.



1. Intro (00:00:00)

2. Prologue (00:00:14)

3. Daniel González (00:01:22)

4. MH17 Tragedy: Passenger Plane Destroyed by SAM (00:02:15)

5. Israel Launches Ground Assault of Gaza (00:09:26)

6. US set to Transfer Guantanamo Prisoners to Uruguay (00:12:21)

7. BRICS Summit: New Development Bank (00:16:31)

8. "Congress of Peace" Begins in Bogota (00:20:45)

9. Cleaning House!: 10% of Colombia's congress kicked out over the past 4 years (00:34:25)

10. Colombia's "coming out" year: Foreign investment and tourism booming (00:36:50)

11. NEWZ Source Recommendation on Colombia?: (00:44:49)

12. Epilogue (00:46:40)

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