NEWZ095 Anti-Vaxxers are Anti-Tourists


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Corona Update — Trump vs. GOP — The Biden Cabinet — Senate Runoffs — China and the Uygurs

So it looks as if the US elections are finally decided and although Trump will still use the last days of his presidency to cause maximum harm to the institutions and continues to claim fraudulent elections in order to secure donations from his base, Joe Biden will in fact be the next president of the USA and the farce that the Trump presidency has been will finally be over end of next January. We discuss what the relationship of Trump and the GOP will be in the future, what the cabinet of Joe Biden will be like and if there is a chance the democrats get control of the US senate.

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1. Intro (00:00:00)

2. Prologue (00:00:15)

3. Corona Update (00:02:01)

4. Trump vs. GOP (00:14:47)

5. The Biden Cabinet (00:30:23)

6. Georgia Senate Runoffs (00:51:14)

7. China: Uygar Forced Labor for the Cotton Industry (00:59:50)

8. Epilogue (01:10:35)

9. Bonus Track (01:12:12)

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