#651 - Are You Chasing Pleasure at the Expense of Fulfillment?


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If you're optimizing for happiness but don't understand how to sustain it, you might be designing your life in a not-so-sustainable manner. In today's episode, hosts Kevin Palmieri and Alan Lazaros wanted to talk about how to design a life that will be fulfilling. We chat about finding out if you're living a fulfilling life or a pleasure-centered one, what it looks like to be pleasure-centered, and the happiness framework, to name a few.
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Show notes:
[1:28] Context, context, context
[3:23] The happiness framework
[7:11] What drives a person who lives a pleasure-centered life?
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[9:29] What someone who chases pleasure at the expense of fulfillment looks like?
[9:45] How to change your mindset?
[11:25] What does fulfillment feel like?
[14:54] Need help to level up? Kevin and Alan offer one-on-one coaching, DM them
[16:02] Outro

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