Bonus: Vaccines for dummies with Moderna President Dr. Stephen Hoge


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For the last nine months, as the coronavirus swept across the world, devastating so many lives in its wake, scientists have been working around the clock to develop a safe and effective vaccine in record time. And now the results from all of that hard work are starting to come in and it’s good news. Like, really good news. On this bonus episode of Next Question with Katie Couric, Katie talks with Dr. Stephen Hoge, a doctor, scientist and president of Moderna, one of the biotech firms leading the COVID-19 vaccine race. Moderna is remarkable in that it is, compared to the Pfizer behemoths of the world, a tiny biotech firm. But that hasn’t stopped it from cracking the vaccine code using a novel approach. In this wide-ranging interview, Katie and Dr. Hoge talk about the company, the pandemic, and the logistics of these vaccines — who gets them and when. Let’s call it, vaccines for dummies. Enjoy!

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