TURNOUT Episode 9: ‘Giving makes me feel like I’m living’


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You’ve no doubt heard that the 2020 election welcomed historic turnout. But what do those high numbers of voters mean for our democracy, for future elections, and for the warring political parties as they conduct their post-mortems? On this episode of Turnout with Katie Couric, we hear from a data journalist who is starting to comb through the numbers. Neal Rothschild, director of audience and political data reporter for Axios, shares the four big takeaways that help explain the 2020 election. Then, Katie talks with her friend, the best-selling author Mitch Albom about the state of our divisiveness, the media’s problem, how we can find ways to reconnect and start to move forward as a country together.

More about the episodes and guests featured in this episode:

Four demographic trends that explain Biden’s victory (Axios)

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Mitch Albom: The election will be meaningless if we don’t change our ways (Detroit Free Press)

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