How to Make Homeschooling Work for You And Why You May Want it To


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Imagine teaching your children to pursue a passionate life based on purpose not perfection, fostering wonder, creativity and discovery through play and exploration and learning at their own pace. That’s what our guest in today’s show, Elle Celaya of Woven Childhood, a former public school teacher practices to home educate her three children. Elle is passionate about cultivating creativity in her home and seeks to deepen her children’s understanding of this world through nature study, making art and providing a living education interwoven throughout their day. This is an inspiring and informative conversation with a homeschool mom who leads an engaged tribe of other homeschooling moms on Instagram @wovenchildhood. Find the links in this episode and all of the show notes at Subscribe to the show to be notified of new episodes of Next to Natural weekly. Follow us at so that you don't miss any of our new arrivals and more information to help you and your family live more conscious and sustainable lives. Check out our shop for premium quality organic and natural fiber clothing at

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