Envision The Outcomes Of Your Intentions


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Welcome to NextGen You where show host, motivational speaker, accountability coach, and serial entrepreneur, Jon Kovach Jr., takes time each week to bring you an inspiring message to help you become NextGen in every area of your life. Thanks for joining the community of achievers and accepting the role as our world’s “NextGenners”. This episode’s content features one of Jon's car rants about the coaching principle used to help people achiever higher levels of performance, envisioning the outcome of your intentions.

NextGen You covers topics on accountability, personal and professional development, inspirational stories, entrepreneurial examples, key takeaways from books, articles, and motivational topics selected by your host. The show is produced and hosted by motivational speaker, top-rated accountability coach, author, and multi-business owner, Jon Kovach Jr. Jon is the author of NextGen You (the book) who rallies behind the trends of the modern world to help everyone become next-generation professionals and contenders.


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