Nice Games Jam: “Haha!” [Nice Replay]


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Nice Games Club is on break until January 15th, so your nice hosts can take time to wrap up work on Widget Satchel, coming to PC and consoles in 2019! In the meantime, we picked out a few of our favorite episodes from our first two years in the clubhouse.

This was our 105th episode. It was first released on September 25th, 2018.

Original show notes:

This week on Nice Games Club we are trying out a new type of episode: Nice Games Jam! We get a topic from Martha’s boyfriend Dylan and then attempt to create a playable game by the end of the episode. We then include the rules here in the show notes for you to play at home!

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Pass them Laughs (Haha!) Rules:

  • Materials: standard 52 card deck, one six sided die per player, Toad! (or some other stuffed trophy in the middle, a jester hat would be the most appropriate.)
  • This game happens in real time. No turns!
  • Each player starts with seven cards.
  • Goal is to have highest poker hand.
  • Roll the die. If you roll a six, draw a card, then pass one card of your choice to someone else. If you roll any other number, roll again!
  • If you’re passed a card, you have to discard a card that was not passed to you.
  • Having a joker allows you to pick up the Toad on a roll of six.
  • If you pick up the Toad, the game stops, you announce you have a joker and are looking for another, if someone has it they give it to you, the person losing a joker draws a card, the person gaining the joker discards a card.
  • If you have two jokers, you can end the game early by saying “haha!” at any point.
  • If you gain a joker you cannot discard it.
  • The game ends if someone says “haha!” or as soon as the deck runs out (and all card passes are resolved.)

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