NP 160: Matt Giovanisci On Lasso And The Hope to Achieve $15,000 Per Month Residual Income


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Welcome back to the Niche Pursuits Podcast. I’m your host, Spencer Haws from Today, I’ve got a returning guest. Matt Giovanisci from is back, and we talk about quite a few things. If you remember the last interview we did, which actually, as I look back, was an entire year ago, which is really hard to believe.

We dove into a lot of his SEO tips and how just writing great content, trying to have a little bit better content, and specifically not doing a lot of link building has led to a lot of success for Matt with his site. Today, we talk about a little bit more about Swim University and specifically, his dive into using YouTube and how his YouTube videos are doing quite well. But then we spend the bulk of the interview talking about his new software product called Lasso.

Lasso is a product that manages your affiliate links and specifically, it does work well with Amazon affiliate links, although it works for any affiliate links. It helps you to better monetize your site and also has really cool product boxes that you can insert into your post that will help you sell more Amazon affiliate products—a product box for the product you’re selling on Amazon—really cool looking, with a nice button, and can help you monetize those posts. It’s a cool product. If you’re interested in checking it out, you can use my affiliate link at

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