Episode 258: The State of Children’s & Youth Ministry Staff with Vance Martin


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In this episode, Vance Martin from the Slingshot Group helps reveal some details on the current state of children's and youth ministry staffing within the local church. Vance also provides some observations on how the church today can prepare young leaders to move into ministry roles in the future.

Vance Martin

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Episode Notes

Some observations on the state of ministry staffing:

  • Calling has become much more fluid
    • Older millennials and younger Gen Xers are walking away from ministry (1500 pastors a month)
    • Finding fulfillment doing other jobs and just volunteering in the local church
  • Great need, but so many dropping off
  • Where are ministry leaders coming from?
    • 90% of student pastors went to a church camp and felt a calling
    • 90% of kid's pastors/ministers were “tapped” on the shoulder and felt a calling after helping fill a need
      • and of these, the majority cannot make a nationwide move because they are not the primary bread-winner
    • 90% of NextGen/Family Ministry leads were previously a Kid's or Youth Pastor
  • Many churches are beginning to bump up the salaries of kid's pastors
  • The local church is both the problem and the solution for the current leadership pipeline
    • Huge need for developing young leaders, preparing them to leave and take on ministry roles somewhere else
  • **If we aren't careful, we will become caretakers of a program instead of a cultivator of people.
  • The question for ministry leaders should not be “where should I go?” but should be “who should I become?”

Action Items

  1. Look in the mirror – where does God want you? (who?)
  2. Develop young leaders with an eye toward vocational ministry
  3. Consider Slingshot

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