Honeybee #2 - the pannacotta army

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I was a bit of a weird coincidence that both me and Stephen wrote songs with the same title in the first couple of days. I thought I'd add to our affinity by setting Stephen's lyric to music Every honeybee you've met At rest or on the wing Has never hurt the lowliest Of creatures with its sting So if, some day, you find yourself The victim of its wrath Just know that you're the one and only Jerk to cross its path Some wear it as a badge of pride, No stranger to this strife 'I took their sting virginity - I also took their life' Indeed it's quite the opposite A blemish to abhor To lose a pointed battle For to win a pointless war Engaging in this skirmish Can't define a fool as tough - The one and only rogue they'll meet But one, for them,'s enough So do unto these insects well That is my sermon's crux But note: This won't apply to wasps (Aggressive little fucks).

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