Best & Taylor Emergency Update - Trouble This Way Comes


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It says in Psalm Two that the Kings and rulers of the Earth are in a full-scale war against God, Christ and His people, and it does not exempt any of the world leaders as not being involved. Therefore, that means that Trump, Obama, Clintons, Soros, Trump and Kim must be involved, even if they do not fully realize what that means. In other words, it appears there is a SCRIPT being followed, and the timing of these events is to have maximum impact upon America to bring her down and submerge her under the United Nations Communist New World Order. It seems that we can all but prove that HARVEY is a weather war event. But we must remember that the Lord ALLOWS these things, thereby warning us THROUGH THE ACTIVITIES OF THE RICH MEN that the end is very close indeed and these serve as warning to repent or perish.. Are we in a sort of Jonah 40 day repent or perish? It seems so, and there appears to be much more to come. The government issued a warning or forecast that this year may be the year that America is hit by several major hurricanes, and there is a big rise in earthquake activity around Yellowstone, and Oklahoma as well. Watch a BIG ONE very soon as America refuses to even acknowledge we need to turn back to the Lord.

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