Best & Taylor Global Intel Update - 8-23-2017


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Eclipse over, non-recognition by the masses, and so things continue as they have since the fathers fell asleep - oblivious, just the Bible says - this will continue to SUDDEN DESTRUCTION, which appears to be a GLOBAL EVENT, and may be tied to the incoming galactic wave. Cosmic radiation is increasing rapidly, solar anomalies to a super deep minimum may well be precursor to MINI NOVA event as outlined in Isaiah. North Korea's Kimmy the Wiz Kid continues with his threats in spite of warnings. Trump coup attempt by deep state, otherwise known as the military-industrial complex continues unabated as they shift gears back to "unfit for office" attack by liar James Clapper. Who is Donald Trump? The mystery continues as Trump follows the AGENDA of the Illuminati, so has Trump been captured by Satan and his minions and more...

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