NEP 006: VGAs Marvel & Smash Take Our Hearts


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Hello and welcome to the sixth episode of the Nintendo Everything Podcast! This week we’ve got a ton of news and pop-offs from the Video Game Awards 2018, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate launched, and we have a surprising amount of Dragon Quest discussion across three different games on the Nintendo Switch. Check out the timestamps below for more info!

Also in this episode, Eric becomes a linguistic maverick who transforms “hyperbole” into “hyper-bowl” and tries to convince Oni to care about Fortnite. Will he succeed?

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00:13 – We are kids. We are squids. 00:59 – Adventure Log: Dragon Quest Builders 2 demo is meaty and refined in every way! 16:07 – Adventure Log: Dragon Quest Heroes 2 for the Switch is good and different from other Warriors games. 21:40 – News: Dragon Quest XI S presentation on December 22nd announced! Does this game exist even? 25:44 – News: Sayonara Wild Hearts by Simogo announced exclusively for Nintendo Switch! A “pop album video game” and Oni cannot contain himself. 32:50 – News: VGA mega announcement sizzle reel! Crash Racing, Stranger Things 3, Dauntless, Fortnite expansion and new season, Mortal Kombat 11. 45:07 – News: Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 exclusively for Nintendo Switch. Developed by Team Ninja, Published by Nintendo- It’s ABSURD. What universe are we living in?! Thanos has the answer. 54:32 – News: JOKER announced for Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC. He’ll Take Our Hearts and Our Wallets! 1:06:05 – News: Eric blows Oni’s mind with a reminder of JOKER amiibo. That’s a good blowout. 1:07:12 – Listener Email! Smash discussion! Favorite newcomers, mains, and the breadth of content! 1:17:31 – Next week sneak-peek and what’s coming up on Nintendo Everything! Thanks for listening!

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