NEP 030: Mario Kart Tour VS Team Sonic Racing


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Hello, my green and red shells! In this episode of NEP, we’re talkin’ kart racing since both Mario and Sonic have games out! We also discuss mobile gaming in general and Nintendo’s approach to microtransactions; we then talk the state of the Sonic movie being pushed back to February 2020. Oni and Galen have plenty of opinions, and you sure don’t need to agree with them, but come on and eavesdrop on our conversation anyway!

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  • 04:12 – Adventure Log: Yoshi’s Crafted World, Detective Pikachu plans and Galen and Oni try to stay on topic, but fail.
  • 13:49 – Mario Kart Tour, general mobile gaming thoughts and how Nintendo handles microtransactions in their mobile games. Galen’s optimistic, Oni’s pessimistic. What else?
  • 42:46 – GameFreak prioritizing original projects over Pokemon? Let’s work out what’s actually being said here. Also, let’s talk about Town and Sun & Moon! Oni muses on the romanticized version of next-gen Pokemon games he has in his head.
  • 50:02 – Sonic controversies. Sonic film being pushed back and Team Sonic Racing on Switch is compromised. Oni’s skeptical, Galen’s apathetic. Galen also starts to read his OG Sonic fanfiction, but Oni quickly shoots him down.
  • 1:03:08 – Team Sonic Racing gives Switch the shaft
  • 1:13:06 – Additional DLC

Additional DLC:

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