Links Awakening, Too Many Games, Nintendo Podcast, NPC Ep. 236


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Links Awakening, Too Many Games, Nintendo Podcast, NPC Ep. 236

Music On Being Human

Unofficial Nintendo Podcast

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  • Super Mario Maker Podcast

What We Played/Impressions

  • Daemon X Machina
  • Star Wars Pinball
  • Creature in the Well


  • SNES controllers went up for sale Monday 9/16 - currently sold out
  • The street date has broken for Switch Lite and Link’s Awakening amiibo @ Walmart
  • First 3 Dragon Quest games coming to Switch on 9/27 Kotaku
    • DQ1 - $4.99
    • DQ2 - $6.49
    • DQ3 - $12.49
  • Sonic and Mario at the Olympic Games new mode shown off, Dream Events Destructoid
    • Dream Racing
    • Dream Shooting
    • Dream Karate
  • Mario Kart Open Twitter
  • Tetris Maximus Cup Kirby Twitter
  • Killer Queen Black Out on 10/11 Digital, on sale in the eShop, Physical 10/25
  • Some details about Super Mario Land have come out DigitalTrends
    • Two rides available when the park opens in Japan
      • Mario Kart, and Yoshi’s Adventures
    • Visitors will have magnetic wristbands to wear in the park and interact with attractions, the wristband will also be able to interact with your game console

Talking Points

  • Ring Fit Adventure

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