Closing the Alabama Gap, Who's Staying, and Urban's New Adventure


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No Cap, featuring Tyvis Powell and Jason Priestas, is back with another episode of the internet's silkiest podcast.
The guys give Ohio State's loss in the College Football Playoff Championship a full postmortem, get deep in the weeds on the weaknesses (and strengths) of cover-3 coverage, break down which Buckeyes might return for another season, and get into how Urban Meyer will approach his new job with the Jacksonville Jaguars.
01:36 | How About Those Browns?
03:56 | “I Should Kick the Door Down at Halftime”
06:10 | The Elephant in the Room
08:39 | “That's That Cover-3, Man”
10:37 | The Football Version of Getting Posterized
14:05 | Good News for Teams That Have to Play Bama in the Future
18:18 | Elite and Humble
23:25 | Let's Talk About That Secondary
28:05 | “He Has to Figure Something Out”
35:23 | Having the Rent Check Ready on the 1st
37:01 | Who's Staying? Who's Going?
44:08 | We Don't Know What We Don't Know
45:40 | Urban's Back in the Game
56:34 | WHAC Stories: “This Ain't For Me, Man”
106:25 | Going for Three: This Dude is on a Performance Improvement Plan
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