Justin Fields is Going to Be a Problem for the Big Ten and Why Ohio State Excels at Halftime Adjustments


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No Cap featuring Tyvis Powell and Jason Priestas is back with another live Friday night recording from Buffalo Wild Wings, the official sports bar of Eleven Warriors.
Happy Halloween! This week, the guys celebrate Tyvis, who's newly married, marvel at Justin Fields and his amazing weapons, break down why Ohio State has been so good at halftime adjustments through the years, and preview what to expect in a nearly empty Beaver Stadium.
00:33 Tyvis Powell, married man
04:25 Justin Fields is making us want to go vegan
06:43 “I'm glad your ego didn't have to take those hits”
10:15 Coming Up Sevyn
13:00 Who is Derrick Henry, Alex?
18:13 A Grand Unified Theory of College Football in 2020
20:27 "Who cares what Nick Saban says?"
25:22 Why Ohio State is so great at making halftime adjustments
27:09 The BOOM Horizon
30:40 Pour one out for Tom Herman
35:35 Sacking a Man with Another Grown Man
38:34 A Nittany Lion, Wounded and Cornered
41:00 “I'd strap him. He wouldn't have a catch on me.”
48:38 “Y'all wanna talk about some COVID?”
53:20 The Toilet Cloggers of the Big Ten
54:34 Bad Betting Advice
58:12 WHAC Stories: “You Gave Up a Post in Cover-3? Wow!”
101:59 Going for Three: Cursed Khakis?
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We'll be recording at Buffalo Wild Wings Lancaster next Friday, October 30 at 7 p.m. Catch our complete tour schedule and stop out to say hello.

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