The Hidden Messages in Ryan Day's Game Plans and Trying to Make Sense of a Primetime Game Against Rutgers


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No Cap featuring Tyvis Powell and Jason Priestas is back with another live Friday night recording from Buffalo Wild Wings, the official sports bar of Eleven Warriors.
It's a super special 10th episode this week, as the guys look back at a Penn State game that looked closer than it really was, try to peg Rutgers' ceiling under Greg Schiano, marvel at the hidden messages in Ryan Day's game plans, and clown on Michigan for the worst loss of the Jim Harbaugh era.
02:20 B-
06:40 “He's showing out this year”
09:15 Three is a Big Number
10:05 “He grown-man'd him”
12:19 When Your Best Weapon Doesn't Work
14:04 Tapping Into His Inner Tyvis
20:44 Every Garbage Can Gets a Bologna Sandwich Every Now and Then
25:01 Ryan Day with the Hidden Message Game Plan
29:07 A Good Reason to Hate Rutgers
33:01 “It's gonna be Woody and Tyvis right outside the WHAC”
36:05 Rutgers > Michigan State > Michigan
40:31 “Why? It's Rutgers!”
42:12 You Wanna Go to the NFL?
46:12 Coaches Hate This One Simple Midseason Trick
51:40 Bad Prediction Time
56:05 WHAC Stories: “Bro, I got the same problem”
100:59 Going for Three: Rock Bottom in Ann Arbor
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We'll be recording at Buffalo Wild Wings Powell next Friday, November 13 at 7 p.m. Catch our complete tour schedule and stop out to say hello.

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