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Silver Sluggers are announced and NCiB Boyfriends Ozzie Albies, Ronald Acuna, Jr., and DJ LeMahieu collect their first awards, while Anthony Rendon takes home #2, and Mookie “Pookie” Betts, Christian Yelich, and Nelson Cruz are three-time winners. Once again we miss our chance to vote for the Platinum Glove winners, and once again Nolan Arenado and Matt Chapman are the winners. There must be something in the water, or the infield grass, at El Toro High School in Lake Forest, CA. Which is not the same as the Rancho Carne Toros. Not the same at all.
Patti begins to baby step through baseball stats -- are the ones we talk about most the ones that really tell us what we want to know about a player or team? Are batting averages and RBI numbers the way to compare players for awards and compute their Free Agency worth?
Pottymouth wants you to stay up late and get up early to catch the WBSC Premier 12 Tournament in Japan, and the Women’s Baseball Asian Cup in China. Also, NCiB’s favorite Dominican team fires Fernando Tatis, Sr, and fans and players go apeshit. Don’t mess with the dynasty.
We cross-train with Women’s Soccer, where there is a movement toward gender pay equity. Tiny movement, but in the right direction.
The San Diego Padres bring balance back to the baseball universe, by listening to their fan base and bringing back the brown and gold uniforms. In a daring move, the Pad’s road grays are in fact, “sand.”
Junior Pottymouth joins us to tell tales of maintaining (and building) fandom from a school far from one’s home team, WS parade road trips, and a visit to Cooperstown.
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