Episode #10: Interview with Math Coach and Mom-Expert, Sara

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EPISODE #10: Interview Mom Expert Math Coach, Sara

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Here are the notes for episode #10 of The No Drama Mamas Podcast. Be sure to check back every Thursday for a new episode, and subscribe and leave us a review at Apple Podcasts/NoDramaMamas

In this episode, Jackie and Joelle talk with their dear friend, Mom Expert and Math Coach, Sara. The Mamas discuss math instructions for school aged kids, covering topics of “new math,” growth mindset, and how we can help our children develop as mathematicians. As always, this episode includes real tips and physical resources for listener take aways.

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  • [1:00] Introducing Guest Mom Expert, Sara
  • [1:31] What is a Math Coach?
  • [2:00] Why have many schools moved to the Math Coach model?
  • [3:12] “New Math?”
    • concepts versus routines
  • [5:31] What about Growth Mindset
    • Neuroplasticity (your brain can grow and change!)
    • All kids can learn math to high levels
    • Talking to kids to foster growth mindset
  • [7:00] Importance of the word YET
  • [8:50] How can we help our kids with math/foster mathematicians?
    • Look for math everywhere!
  • [10:04] Bring more math into everyday life with kids
    • GregTangMath.com
    • Yahtzee, Skip Count, Even Stevens Odd, Monopoly
    • Sports fans and Math
  • [12:52] The Productive Struggle (How much should we her kids with their HW?)
    • Persevere through challenges
    • Sara tells us about classroom and home brain fizzles 🙂
      • Celebrate the mistakes!
  • [14:50] Other tips from the Math Coach
    • A point about HW (helps teachers see what your kid(s) can do
    • Ask your child to teach YOU
  • [16:28] Resource alert: YouCubed.org (Jo Boeler, Standford Math Researcher)
  • [19:20] Gratitudes

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