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Trying to explain what this podcast is about would be like trying to teach grandma how to send an email. It seems easy enough at first but you'll soon find it an impossible task. No Format is not a nerd-cast; we're clearly two social, pleasant, good looking gentlemen (ep. 28). No Format is not a comedy-cast; we never joke about the topic at hand and take our jobs very seriously as distributors of internet content (ep. 15). No Format is not a videogame-cast; Josh has only beaten 6 out of 8 Zelda games and we rarely play videogames while podcasting (ep. 7). No Format is not a science-cast; the occasional episode on nuclear fission and mathematical proofs will appear now and then, but all together we are not great sources of information (ep. 11 & 39). And lastly, No Format is by no means a film-cast; we just happen to know someone who makes movies (ep. 27). It also just happens that we have excellent taste and never come to dissagreements on movies (ep. 42). So what would one expect from a typical episode? We don't really have a format. Chances are if you have a mustache, play(ed) with Ninja Turtles, own a telescope, hate ugly fonts, have a friend from Korea, enjoy a good scotch, have a favorite dinosaur, wished you could golf better, prefer the original theatrical Star Wars, or in general read Wikipedia articles at least 3 times per day, you'll probably find what you've been looking for all along in this, the No Format podcast.

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