Podcast #269: Get The Shovel Ready!


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Welcome back to the weekly podcast, No More Excuses.

Thank you for being here, for listening and connecting with me on social media, but most importantly, for taking the time to invest in YOU!

In last week's podcast, I talked about focusing on YOU. Self-care, as well as just focusing on, and taking care of YOUR priorities in your business or job. So... how'd you do?! It’s so easy to push yourself and YOUR priorities down the list. I’ve done it as well!

Listen in to today's podcast as I share how my client did that I talked about in last Monday’s podcast once he focused on HIS priorities, even just for that one week, and how by him “slowing down to speed up”, it helped the whole office!

Today I also share about how I sometimes need to slow down, and how I've screwed some shit up!


What an anomaly! But it really does work! Yes, it’s so hard to keep yourself in-check sometimes with so many things going on, so many balls in the air, and so many people tugging at your sleeve for your attention.

Listen in today, as I want to help you stop doing shit that doesn't serve you, stop playing small, and get focused so you can LEVEL-UP!

I want you to finish this month STRONG!

Do you?

To do that, I need you to DIG DEEP this week. DIG DEEP!

How do you do that? Well follow me on social media: Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn, as I'll share articles, tips, and ways to STOP doing dumb shit so you can focus on DIGGING DEEPER!

Have a great week and get that shovel ready!

Cheers! Sandi

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