Podcast #275: We're Halfway There!


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Welcome back to the weekly podcast, No More Excuses.

Thank you for being here! Click here to check out my website, and connect with me on social media to continue the podcast theme throughout the week with additional questions, challenges, articles and MOTIVATION!

Happy July 5th people! Some of you may be off work today. I’m enjoying a beach day and relaxing, so hopefully you’re doing something fun or relaxing or BOTH as well!

And yes, last Thursday, July 1st, I posted on my social media and asked what your 30-day challenge is. Did you see it? If not, well that’s why you need to be following me on the social!!

Last Monday’s podcast was all about checking your progress by completing not just a monthly review, but also a Mid-Year review.

It's important to do MONTHLY reviews, but even more-so at 6-months.

As we look at things for the next six months, especially as things are still "different", you must realized you can’t level up if you’re just chugging along and not paying attention!

Listen in today as I share more about MY review and how I am RE-Setting and RE-doing part of a PLAN!

The next 6-months are here... are you ready?

If you aren't sure, click here to set up a session NOW!

Cheers! Sandi

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