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Hey folks. We are the hosts of No Plans To Merge, a programming podcast. A sponsor of ours, Honeybadger.io, has agreed to match up to $2,000 worth of contributions to these bail fund charities. We are also personally matching up to $500 in contributions, meaning that if we can raise $2,500 dollars here, that will have $5,000 worth of impact to these organizations.

We support the demonstrators who have been and continue to be protesting against police brutality in memory of George Floyd. Unfortunately police are continuing to abuse, harrass, and arrest protesters. We want to do what we can as a community to support their efforts and we believe that bail funds are a vital piece of that effort as they allow protesters to protest without having to make a financial decision about whether they can afford to be bailed out should they be arrested in the process. This form will split your donation between a series of local, regional and national bail funds
Thanks so much to Honeybadger for sponsoring this effort by matching donations. Honeybadger is an error monitoring and reporting solution that you can use on your production apps to detect errors. It gives you all the information you need about what happened, who it happened to, and what you'll need to fix it.
Go check them out at https://honeybadger.io and use them on your next project as a thank you for supporting this.

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