A Toolkit For Brokering Youth Pathways


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Research Practice Partnerships, otherwise known as RPPs, are important. Just like in any other field, good researchers are constantly thinking about how to bring relevance and purpose to their research. RPPs make strategic partners out of researchers and practitioners to dig into what the field needs to know in the present, and closely study what’s working and what’s not.

Guests from Hive Research Lab, New York University, and UC Irvine discuss the recently-published Toolkit for Brokering Youth Pathways, available online at Hiveresearchlab.org. Educators can access a series of what they’re calling “practice briefs” for youth programs to help realize promising (and sometimes less-promising) methods for leveraging youth participation for the purpose of building connections between too-often disparate learning experiences.

Rafi Santo, Ph.D., is a learning scientist focused on the intersection of digital culture, education, and institutional change. Centering his work within research-practice partnerships

Dr. Dixie Ching is a senior user experience researcher at Google, where she supports education-related products and services through strategic research and partnerships. Previously, Dixie has worked at the Joan Ganz Cooney Center at Sesame Workshop, Center for Children & Technology/Education Development Center, New York Hall of Science, Discovery Communications, WGBH/NOVA, and Beijing Television.

Dr. Chris Hoadley is associate professor in the Educational Communication and Technology Program, the Program in Digital Media Design for Learning, and the Program on Games for Learning at New York University.

Dr. Kylie Peppler is an artist by training - Associate Professor of Learning Sciences at UC Irvine and engages in research that focuses on the intersection of arts, computational technologies and interest-driven learning.

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