Computing Education as a Foundation for 21 Century Literacy


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This is Mark Guzdial: he is a Professor in the College of Engineering at the University of Michigan.This is his talk from "To Code and Beyond," a conference about education and computer science, hosted by Cornell Technion.

Guzdial is a really important piece of this rubik's cube that is contemporary thought on computer science education. This talk is an important appetizer to the forthcoming episode, where Professor Guzdial and I dig into some of the topics he alludes to here. You'll notice that in the audio I intentionally made it sound like a hollow lecture hall to bring you closer to the milieu where such talks typically occur. That's not true. Sometimes a venue has technical hiccups, and this one caught the audio but didn't get a great recording. That's okay though, i'm grateful to have what we could get.

If you're fired up about the talk. I'll link to the video in the show notes, where you'll be able to see some of the visuals he was sharing. It was a terrific talk, and if you can't tell from his introduction, Mark is one in a line of thought leaders who have fought hard to help us stay motivated in answering the tough questions around technology in learning. Is coding a critical 21st century literacy? Yes, he says, because it helps us learn everything else better.

My tremendous thanks to Diane Levitt of Cornell Tech, who helped make this talk and my interview with Mark a possibility, and for throwing a top notch event where this and much more dialogue like it can take place.

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