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Here's a cool episode for you. Before I get started let's talk about these tracks. It's easy to overlook, when we talk about Maker Ed, that a lot of the greatest maker educators I know are makers themselves. Lou Lahana is also known on the interwebs as Techbrarian, and he wrote and produced tracks at the beginning and end of this episode. He's a great inspiration to remind us all, as Tasker Smith from MIT reminds us in this episode - we need stay inspired...consider it like facing turbulence on an airplane...put the mask on ourselves first.

It's a different format: in this episode I reached out and asked some of my favorite Maker Educators to send me recordings where they just jam into the mic a bit about resources that they often recommend to other educators, or folks just interested in what they do. I'm so grateful to a rockstar group of five featured in this episode, and hope that we can make it a more regular thing.

My thanks (in the order that you hear from them) to:

Lori Stahl-VanBrackal:

Tasker Smith:

Jennifer Latimer:

Dr. Matthew Farber:

Dr. Lou Lahana:

Links from this episode:

Innovators Mindset, George Couros:

Laser Cutters (Universal Systems):

Make Magazine:




Prototyping Library:

Epilogue Laser Sample Club:

Invent to Learn, Martinez and Stager:

Connecting Gaming, Kafai and Burke:


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