Tackling Bowie and Syria Through Immersive Media


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Vassiliki Khonsari: Producer & director specializing in interactive storytelling across screens (VR, Games, Documentary, Film) Independent Magazine calls her “One of the top ten filmmakers to watch”. Founding partner of iNK Stories, known for creating impact forward, immersive stories for global audiences. With background in Visual Anthropology, a Sundance fellow and member of Women’s Impact Network (PGA), Khonsari mentors and contributes to many organizations on reframing diversity, emerging tech and storytelling.

Bio, Nick Dangerfield | Co-Founder | Planeta:

Nick has worked with an assortment of artists that includes Jonas Mekas, Park Chan Wook, Moriyama Daido, Nick Waplington, Bruno S., Harmony Korine, and Justin Bieber.

Nick has also built tools and platforms in the space of arts and culture for the last fifteen years, like the Playbutton, the Harinezumi camera, and to.be, as well as running Planeta. He’s now working on a live-sound transmission and adapting the David Bowie Archive for AR.

Nick, Vassiliki and I are talking about Immersive Media in this episode. You'll hear us refer a couple of times to a previous conversation, which is a live version of the interview that was never recorded due to some technical issues at the venue. What's so exciting about this sequel to that first meeting, in addition to their generosity for coming back to record with me, is that we got to plunge fathoms deeper into the topic. It's a long one: but if you're like me and still deciding how to make sense of immersion and virtual media, spacial computing, and whether this will someday come together to the benefit of learners like us, then you should stick around for the full conversation. It might surprise you.

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