028: How To Remain Calm Under Pressure? - Richard Pauwels


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Food is so much more than just about our appetite and desire to eat. When you look closely, you’ll find a spiritual connection to what we put inside our body. Richard Pauwels of Rich Nuts, LLC has found that realization and passion about food and what our connection to nature is through our food source. Having been born inside a prison, Richard sets out in life to move beyond labels and cages, inspiring him to create conscious shifts and transformations when it comes to perceiving things. For him, it is in that connection to nature through what we eat that he helps people cultivate that connection back and reimagine what it means to be rich. A fireman himself, Richard is also no stranger with the warrior spirit and he tells us how he used that to build a fire within him that turned his curiosity about food to interest and then to passion, which ultimately advocates for a better world.

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