038: How I Achieved Overnight Success as an Artist In the Face of Debt, Doubt, And Struggle? - Brent Estabrook


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I’ve met many people who’ve chosen the safer path rather than the path less traveled. Brent Estabrook abandoned his dental profession the day after graduation. In this episode, Brent told his story of achieving overnight success as a painter in the face of serious debt, doubt, and struggle. He hopes that this story will inspire others to pursue what excites them in life… to follow their childhood dreams to do what undeniably makes them as happy as possible. Brent also shared the key champions, the bold moves he made in the early days, and the advice to help other aspirational artists succeed in the digital age.

We talked about:

  • How to thrive as an artist in spite of the fearful moments
  • His three morning rituals to gain more confidence, more creativity
  • How ayahuasca ceremony was a huge catalyst for his success
  • How he made the jump from dental school grad with $400k debt to a full-time 6-figure artist
  • The teaching Nobu gave him
  • His advice to starting artists
  • 3 categories of artists
  • The bold moves he made in the early days


  • "If these people are doing it, why not me"
  • "Once you find what you love to do, you can overcome any interferences"
  • "Find out what you love doing, that passion will drive you"
  • "Confidence will differentiate you as a top artist"
  • "The more you do it the better you get; the better you get the more you enjoy doing"


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