040: How to Cultivate Your Abundance Mindset With Lucid Dreaming? - Rey Brannen


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As human beings, it's natural to want prosperity. Many seek to manifest it in many ways--using anything from vision boards to writing a check of a million dollars. Yet, they don’t always work.

Instead of chasing from opportunity to opportunity with anxiety, fear, and frustration, what if there are ways? What if we can tap into flow with more ease and peace of mind?

This podcast is with an abundance architect and the author of The 7 Laws of Abundance: How to Win At Life and Influence Reality. Rey Brannen is a serial entrepreneur who has worked extensively in nanotechnology and internet marketing. Brannen is currently the Managing Partner of Illumina Investments Group where he and his wife Rene manage a commercial real estate investment portfolio in the U.S. His portfolio of stocks has had a gain of 104% in 2019 compared to the Standard and Poor's gain of 8%.

We talked about:

  • The origin of the atomic molecules we are made of, and how that tie into abundance
  • How to cultivate an abundance mindset
  • His techniques (including lucid dreaming and out-of-body experience) to cultivate our capacity for abundance
  • The journey he took to find his dharma
  • His process to follow flow (especially in the financial markets)
  • How to have more time, love, creativity, and happiness

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