Case #1.5 Kate Warne- America's First Female Detective REVISITED


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Case#01.5: Kate Warne-America's First Female Detective REVISITED


Steve Gomez here.

A lot has happened behind the scenes at the Noir Factory during the last month or so. Our offices in the Sierra Foothills have moved lock, stock, and barrel up to the Pacific Northwest. Way up to the icy clutches of the Pacific Northwest. Past Seattle and into kissing cousin territory with Canada.

That kind of Pacific Northwest.

Now those were the offices we know and love. My home. Our everyday offices. Not to worry about the International Office in Prague. Those are still doing well. In fact, I’m told the less said about them, the better.

I’m actually told not to say anything about them. It’s best for everyone if we never speak of them again.

Please forget you ever heard about any office in Prague. There are no offices in Prague.


In addition to the big move up north, there have been other big life changes. I’ve taken a new day job that is more podcast friendly and should help with the production of more Noir Factory episodes as well as Noir Factory items which will turn up over time.

During all those changes our goal here was to keep our production schedule of two episodes a month up and uninterrupted.

I fell short of that goal. Woefully short.

I missed the entire month of February. I spent what few free hours I had that month doing research on a new case, but those hours were very few and very far between.

So in order to catch up and still bring something worthwhile to the table, I wanted to present something new or at least something beneficial to this “thing of ours.”

So this week, like any good detective, we are going back to our first case.

Case #001- Kate Warne: America’s First Female Detective is our most popular episode. It is also the episode with the worst sound quality. I was a complete rookie when I recorded it, and it shows.

And Kate Warne deserves better.

So as a special offering this week, as well as closing the file on old business, we’re going to revisit and re-record our first episode and in that sense, we’re going to try and give fellow Detective Kate Warne her due.

So be sure to grab your fedora and if you enjoy this episode, share it with a friend and stop by iTunes and give us a review, because a kind word can take you far.

Not as far as a few kind words and a gun, but still…...

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