The Blue Dahlia (1946)


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Paramount Pictures released The Blue Dahlia on April 19, 1946. George Marshall directed the Raymond Chandler film which starred Alan Ladd, Veronica Lake, and William Bendix.

‘The Blue Dahlia’ Movie Summary

The Blue Dahlia begins as Johnny Morrison, Buzz Wanchek, and George Copeland arrive home in Hollywood, California. The three served together as part of the same flight crew in the South Pacific for the United States Navy.

Johnny was released for his heroic actions in the theater of war while George had to leave due to his bad eyes. However, poor Buzz suffers from shell shock (PTSD) while dealing with the pain from a metal plate in his head above his ear. Loud noise drives him crazy!

George and Buzz wind up getting a nice apartment together while Johnny returns home to surprise his wife Helen. Once he arrives, he finds a party raging there, and Helen having a torrid affair with Eddie Harwood—the owner of a nightclub on the Sunset Strip called The Blue Dahlia.

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