Noise of the World, Artists in Their Own Words – Episode 10: Michael Lang Wants to Get Back to the Garden


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This summer is the 50th anniversary of the Woodstock Music and Arts Festival, held not in Woodstock, but in Bethel, New York. That name was one of a number of temporal anomalies that haunted the first festival. It was called Woodstock because that was where it was to be held initially. The tickets were all printed up when the Town of Woodstock took stock of the situation and decided they were inundated with enough hippies and music fans and did not relish the idea of another half million of them spending the weekend. They were able to reneg on the contract because the proper permissions and licenses had not been filed. Elliot Tibor tells a fascinating tale about how his annual recital at the Dairy farm of Max Yasgur became one of the most iconic concerts in history (I may dig that out before the summer is out). The tickets and the search do not come up here, but why it became a free concert almost from the git-go is, as are other tales of producing the first and subsequent iterations.

I understand that it has been a while between podcasts, but life got in the way – a couple of busy semesters, a second job, working on an album I hope to release this summer, working on my book publishing company, and a longstanding project that looks like it may finally see the light of day. Thank you for your forbearance, and I hope you enjoy this, and a couple of more Woodstock related podcasts in the works (or should that be Werx?).

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