N4L 151: "Purpose, Passion, and Pajamas" by Genevieve Piturro


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When Genevieve Piturro, jumped off the New York City corporate ladder, she didn’t know her burning passion to deliver pajamas and books to children in shelters would turn into the wildly successful, nationwide nonprofit Pajama Program. Her book, Purpose, Passion, and Pajamas: How to Transform Your Life, Embrace the Human Connection, and Lead with Meaning, tells the story of her rocky-road journey.

Since 2001, Pajama Program has delivered over seven million pajamas and books to children across the United States and Puerto Rico. Many of those children had never had a bedtime story; many had never owned a pair of pajamas. More than twenty years into her charitable endeavor, Piturro has become an international speaker, consultant, and author whose mission now includes inspiring others to find their purpose, pursue their passions, and find fulfillment.


  • Ask yourself, “Is this all there is to life?”
  • Listen to your “heart-voice.” (Ask it to speak up!)
  • Invite “that precious thing” into your life.”
  • Write down five things that make your heart sing; winnow your list by giving time to the top three.
  • Assemble a cheerleader squad to be on your side and to act as armor.


  • “You can’t ignore that one thing that is your calling.”
  • “Many of us feel there’s something missing in our lives—and often, too, in our work. It’s human nature to seek meaning, to feel we have a purpose on this earth.”
  • “We all want to share in doing something that extends beyond our own wants, something that soothes others and has a lasting impact.”
  • “You don’t need to see the whole path before you—you just need to take the first step and trust that the next ones will be revealed.”
  • “You may doubt yourself at first and others may doubt you, but you’ll also find people who will support you.”
  • “Leadership is not measured by how much you advance, but by how much you advance other people.”
  • “It may be difficult to top the highs you’ll experience from encounters with amazing individuals who have the ability to support you and multiply your reach tenfold, but you can harness that exhilaration to reach even further and change even more.”

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