N4L 146: "Real Estate Rescue" by Tracy McLaughlin


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One of 75 top-performing real estate brokers in the country for the past ten years, Tracy McLaughlin reveals industry secrets in her breakout book, Real Estate Rescue: How America Leaves Billions Behind in Residential Real Estate and How to Maximize Your Home’s Value. After spending more than two decades helping her clients buy and sell homes, McLaughlin has had the highest-grossing sales in Marin County, California for 14 consecutive years. Now, with her hard-won expertise, she shares essential tips and tricks for both sellers and potential homeowners. McLaughlin also writes to influence key stakeholders who have the power to elevate industry standards for agents and brokers.


  • Three big mistakes sellers make: getting too emotionally attached to a home, resisting professional advice, and not keeping homes up-to-date.
  • Low standards required to become a real estate agent blight the reputation of the profession.
  • Every 8-10 years, there’s a swing in what’s considered desirable home design; buyers, not architects, drive design.
  • Accurately pricing a home not only helps it sell but usually drives up its market value.
  • Staging is very effective for adding value and decreasing time on the market.
  • “Resto” – verb created to describe using the Restoration Hardware design as inspiration
  • In the past 50 years, square footage has increased by 1000 feet, and living space for each person in a home has nearly doubled.


  • “Residential property accounts for 75 percent of the global value of property.”
  • “According to a study by the Bank of Montreal, 80 percent of homebuyers know if a house is right as soon as they walk in the door.”
  • “Just because something is unique or rare…doesn’t make it valuable. The market must value it.”
  • “Both millennials and baby-boomer parents embrace modernism.”
  • “For every dollar you invest in prelisting preparation, you get about $3.50 in your pocket.”

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